Seaweed Gel organic Fertilizer

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The use of Jeeva Seaweed Gel as manure is important in the present-day world as the seaweed fertilizers are often found to be more successful than the chemical fertilizers.

Seaweed Gel fertilizer as manure to many corps is advantageous as seaweeds contain a good amount of nitrogen, potassium and other minerals and trace elements, and also the carbohydrates and other organic matters present in seaweed help in altering the nature of the soil and improving its moisture-retaining capacity. 

Apart from macro and micronutrients seaweeds contain many growth-promoting hormones like cytokinins, gibberellins, auxins. Seaweed extracts are known to enhance seed germination and growth, increased uptake of nutrients imparts a degree of frost resistance and make plants to withstand better towards phytopathological fungi and insect pests.

Benefits of Using Seaweed Gel

  • Enlarged Root System:

  • Enlarged Leaf Structure

  • Excellent Seed Germination

  • Improves Soil Texture

  • Improves Plant Immunity

  • Reduction of pesticides

  • Enriches the soil

Method Of Usage:

  • Mix 3-5 grams of seaweed gel with 1Liter of water and spray over the plant.
  • Mix 5-10 grams of seaweed gel with 1Liter of water, root application is preferred.

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